Support Systems

The Wildfire Project has benefited greatly from the vital organizer support from the Other 98%, and the financial support of a number of individuals, foundations, and organizations that have made our work possible; Wildfire is fiscally sponsored by Res Publica, and we would not have survived a day without the expertise, generosity, and guidance of Heather Reddick. The Wildfire Project also enjoys pro bono legal support from the Urban Justice Center, and is thankful for the the incredible work of film-maker Messiah Rhodes and the generous design work of the Design Action Collective, Jordyn Bonds, and Bianca Bockman.

Beyond those things, the Wildfire Project owes its thanks to individuals and groups far too numerous to mention – from people who have donated their time, energy, and advice, to those many mentors whose work has taught and shaped us, and finally to those many groups and individuals today and throughout history whose struggles have made possible the movement moment in which we find ourselves today.

In the end, many people are part of the Wildfire Project, and Wildfire is a small part of something much bigger as well. Maybe this can be a lesson to all of us, particularly when we feel small in the face of the great task ahead: our family is much greater and more powerful than we sometimes remember.

Thank you.