A Glimpse at Our Content

Wildfire curricula are tailored to the needs of particular groups, planned with their participation, and mix core curriculum elements with components identified as specific needs. The Wildfire training team is made up of experienced organizers, activists, trainers, and facilitators coming from a variety of backgrounds and with lots of movement experience. We are committed to tailoring our curricula to the real needs of the groups we work with, and to meet them at the stage they’re in.

Below is an outline of some of the core content that might be part of a Wildfire program, with the details changing to match the needs of the group:

Skills Trainings:
Training and practice of relevant skills such as…

  • Capacity-Building
  • Facilitation
  • Organizing and canvassing
  • Campaign strategy
  • Direct action
  • Public speaking
  • Media and social media skills
  • Legal skills
  • Data collection

Political Education:
Workshops that foster learning and conversation about…dots

  • Crisis and its systemic roots
  • History of resistance and social movements in the US and around the world
  • Interconnections between different systems of oppression
  • Connections between various arenas of struggle
  • Vision and alternatives
  • Strategic frameworks for meaningful social change
  • Movement analysis

Group Development:
Sessions in which participants…

  • Develop trust and have fun togetherRiverShare
  • Address gender/race/class dynamics in the group
  • Share their stories
  • Develop leadership inside and by the group
  • Share skills between members, organizers, and trainers
  • Create a safe space for personal and group transformation
  • Explore participatory organizing and decision-making structures
  • Think about the potential future of their group
  • Create frameworks for the future beyond the program

Organizing: Program time spent…

  • Planning and assessing concrete organizing workRadicalEdited
  • Putting skills in action and learning from practice
  • Continuing campaigns with tangible results
  • Use training to grow the organizing base
  • Identifying leaders to carry the process to other groups