Our Programs

The Wildfire Project uses a holistic process of one-on-ones, group study, weekend seminars, community events, and mentored organizing projects to develop a strong group dynamic and collective infrastructure, deepen the politics and strengthen the skills of the group, and carry out and improve active campaigns for the long-term. Throughout the process, we plan for the future beyond the program, as well as develop leaders from inside the group who can go on to work with other groups to exponentially grow the movement. All along, the process is tied to concrete organizing projects taking place on the ground.

The Wildfire Group Process

In most cases, the Wildfire Project will partner with an existing group to create a Wildfire Group Process. The standard Wildfire Groups Process is a five-month process that includes building a program and group together, one weekend seminar per month for three months with organizing work in between them, and one month to create structures for the future. This program format is changed and re-developed according to the needs of the group, the goals of the program, and the principles of Wildfire.

Here is a basic outline of a Wildfire Group Process.

The Wildfire Jumpstart Process

Every so often, the Wildfire Project takes on a Jumpstart Process, which is an organizing campaign to actually build a group that might later undergo a group process. In cases like these, where Wildfire organizers identify an acute crisis that opens up important movement-building and organizing potential. Wildfire organizers work with impacted people and organizers on the scene to organize a group – often with community-building and training as central group-forming tools. The goal in these situations is to build strong, autonomous organizing groups led by marginalized communities and support their formational stages with training, political education, organizational development, and strategic thinking. Once the group can stand on its own, it does, and is invited to undergo some version of the Wildfire Group Process and join the other groups in the budding Wildfire Network.

Here is a basic outline of a Wildfire Jumpstart Process.