Sherika Shaw

South Florida raised Jamaican artist and mother. Co-director of Militia Design where she works to shift culture daily and strives to bring more creatives into the mainstream of the movement.

Claire Bergen

Minneapolis based labor activist. She has previous experience in social movement work with Occupy Homes and Black Lives Matter, and with neighborhood-based community organizing in the Twin Cities.

Kirin Kanakkanat

First gen queer desi from the midwest; she is a self identified militant femme and can most likely be found on a dancefloor near you.

Michael Strom

Bronx-based faith leader, organizer, and educator, currently working with SURJ NYC and New Day Church.

Andrew Smith

A Mainer in a beautiful land trying his best to build power, win campaigns and be in the moment. Andy has worked I the Middle East for 4 1/2 years doing work with Iraqi refugees. His left wing life started in NYC at the beginning of Occupy Wall Street. He has go on to co-create Occupy Sandy and the NYC Branch of Showing Up for Racial Justice. These days he’s trying to win elections for the movement. He was the Campaign Director Assembly Women Christine Pellegrino and worked on the Khader El-Yateem campaign for city council.

Yotam Marom

Yotam was a leader in Occupy Wall Street, co-founded IfNotNow, is the Director of the Wildfire Project, and writes at

Sofia Campos

Born in Perú, raised in Highland Park (Los Angeles), and currently reps Mijente. She has a powerful voice, laughter, and believes in the power of community building through healing-centered organizing.

Joshua Kahn

Cross-sectoral movement facilitator, has trained thousands of activists, and has worked on campaigns for ecological and racial justice from the Keystone XL pipeline to the UN; his recent books include A Line In The Tar Sands, Beautiful Trouble, and Organizing Cools the Planet.

Lex Barlowe

22 years old, has been involved in climate justice and Black student organizing, and is now working with Movement Generation Justice & Ecology Project in the Bay Area.

Deidre Smith-Shabazz

Her work has focused on solidarity organizing, training, and movement building. Deirdre started her work over a decade ago in Los Angeles just before returning home to New Mexico to do Environmental and Economic Justice work, as well as leadership, team, and network development through training.

Luke Nephew

A student of the people and an artist for liberation. He organizes against white supremacy, police brutality, misogyny, homophobia, xenophobia and all types of violence. Luke is the Co-Founder and Artist Educator for The Peace Poets, a grass-roots global initiative to connect and inspire communities of young people all over the world to create art and live lives that increase peace and justice.

Jonel Edwards

aka Le Black Unicorn is Florida born and raised, Jamaican in the veins, Creator of experiences, Holder of space, Dream Defender’s Training and Membership Development Director, a Wildfire Project Trainer, and Harry Potter enthusiast.

Sachie Hopkins Hayakawa

Organizer with the New Economy Coalition, and coordinates the Reinvest in Our Power network. Coming out of climate and economic justice movements, her work is rooted in building community resiliency and self-determination.

Cat Salonek

Co-founded occupy homes where she became a movement leader in militant direct actions and leadership training, now she’s bringing groups together to fight racialized capitalism.

Samantha Corbin

Samantha Corbin  is the actions director for The Other 98% and a non-violent direct action trainer with The Ruckus Society. She has coordinated many affinity-group direct actions including banner hangs, blockades, and street theater actions; large-scale mobillizations including the 5,000-strong Powershift 2011 and many Occupy Wall Street events. Samantha specializes in developing and delivering scaled trainings programs for tens of thousands of people including the 99% Spring and the noKXL pledge of resistance.

Ileia Burgos

Bronx-born ‘hood nerd building a solidarity economy within her borough, where folks control & create their own wealth in cooperatives. She leads organizing workshops + political education with groups fighting for justice on copious front-lines across the country.

Steven Pargett

Cali raised cultural strategist and artist. Co-Director for Militia Design where he helps make revolution irresistible.

“I felt like I was in the company of people who are going to win back the world for our communities and our families,”

– Conrado Santos, Student Immigrant Movement