Word on the Streets

Here is what the folks we’ve trained are saying about us…

“This is an exciting time where it feels like the country is on fire with radical energy. But fires need starting and flames need fanning. The Dream Defenders wouldn’t be doing either without the Wildfire Project.”
– Phillip Agnew, Dream Defenders

“I figured out what’s happening here. You gotta look at the whole picture. We are becoming the power we ask for in secret. And it’s like being a baby – you try to run, but you ain’t even learned how to walk yet! You got to learn to walk first, but you’re afraid, because it means you have to fall. That’s what we’re doing here. We’re falling.”
– Ciro Timmons, Rockaway Wildfire

“My most vivid memory of the Wildfire trainings is the incredible timeline visual that we made together, laying out the next ten years of Occupy Homes Minnesota. I was able to see the work we had already accomplished in the last two years as a power organization, but more importantly I saw my own trajectory and place in the larger context of a city-wide, state-wide, and national movement towards justice and equity. The process helped me break through barriers I was facing as an organizer and as a woman fighting for justice.”
– Claire Bergren, Occupy Homes MN

“The participatory process rescues the knowledge in the room while keeping us moving forward as a group. In particular, the exercises forcing us to confront our fears and uncover our true selves helped me understand the barriers preventing me from becoming my full authentic self as a leader in the movement. There are very few organizations investing in scrappy groups doing amazing work all around the country. This is the type of network we need to create to build a strong movement.”
– Felipe Sousa-Rodriguez, former Co-Director of GetEQUAL

“Our process with Wildfire was awesome – it went beyond organizing, to emotional development. Within OSA people are discovering every day something new that impacted them that they didn’t realize in the moment. For all of us it was a deeply spiritual experience.”
– Malaya Davis, Ohio Student Association

“This is above all one of the most visionary groups of people I’ve ever worked with. Myles Horton said that he needed to have his hand on the pulse of the movement so the Highlander Center could do the work of justice most effectively, if any organization has its hand on the pulse of the movement is the Wildfire Project…Watching the explosions now and the way the movement is growing and moving – I think we can say with some confidence that the retreat and this process was connected to some of the success of what’s going on.”
– Andy Smith, Rockaway Wildfire

“I consistently appreciate wildfire team’s clearness around its growing edges and limitations. Wildfire navigates that difficult space without apologizing for who it is, handling things with a lot of grace and power, which is missing in a lot of movement places because of ego.”
– Kirin Kanakkanatt, GetEQUAL

“I came here feeling a tension between the different identities I’m holding, but now I feel powerful. I’m a strong, proud, Black, queer man. If y’all thought I was showin’ up before it’s about to go down.”
– Tim Harrell, Dream Defenders

“The Wildfire Project is deeply committed to meaningful social change and justice, and the groups who are part of it are in the streets, doing that work, every day. My skills as an organizer and trainer have grown through my work with the Wildfire Project. For that growth to happen alongside freedom fighters from across the movement is deeply inspiring and reaffirming.”
– Kalin Callaghan, Rockaway Wildfire

“What’s special about the trainers is that they involve themselves in the process as well. They were real people, and I felt like they were walking through this weekend beside me rather than just showing the way.”
– Sean Watkins, GetEQUAL

“The engaging workshops and exercises allowed us to drop our guards, helped us be creative, gave us space to lead ourselves, and encouraged us to work together. The Wildfire Project created a warm, open, and transformative space that was adaptive to our group and really geared toward meeting our actual needs.”
– Biola Jeje, New York Students Rising

“The trainers understand the context of the overall movement because they are deeply involved in it. This training is providing pieces of a framework necessary for a mass movement in our lifetime.”
– Steven J. Pargett, Dream Defenders

“Wildfire facilitators don’t come into a space claiming to know everything about your work, or what’s behind the issues you organize around. I love that. What Wildfire facilitators did with Occupy Our Homes Atlanta, was work to open up the experiences of the entire group, put them into play, and help the group to build knowledge, experience, and camaraderie throughout the process.”
– Rob Call, Occupy Our Homes Atlanta

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