Wildfire’s purpose is to strengthen the movement by spreading a culture of powerful groups – groups that know how to strategize, are grounded in history and their vision, have healthy internal practices, know how to build across identity, and are prepared to grow and win.

We take groups and individuals through creative, experiential, long-term processes that help them shift their own group cultures, and then equip them with the tools, experience, and skills needed to do that work with their bases, and across the

movement as a whole. Our programs prepare these groups and individuals to lead the movement toward its own potential – to help us all become become big, bold, visionary, and strategic enough to win the world we all deserve.

Wildfire Trainers

Our team is made up of experienced organizers, participants of the various movement moments that have taken place in the past ten years, leaders of the groups we’ve trained, and folks from a variety of movements from climate to racial justice to economic justice and immigrant justice. We use experiential, democratic tools to elicit the wisdom already present in the groups, and pair that with decades of expertise to support groups and individuals to become their most powerful selves.

Groups We've Worked With

Wildfire builds long-term relationships with groups across issues, and builds programs specific to their needs. We work hard to make our programs affordable for groups and free for participants by keeping our costs low and engaging in joint fundraising for programs where possible.

Below are some of the groups we’ve worked with:

Advisory Board Members

Wildfire is grateful to have the support of an esteemed board of writers, thought leaders, organizers, trainers, activists, artists and facilitators. The hundreds of years of experience between them helps to guide Wildfire’s direction, strategy and practices.

Check out our advisory board below.

After one of our retreats with Wildfire, I had this feeling in my body of absolute ease and openness, clarity about who we were, and confidence in the possibility of who we could become. It felt a little bit like magic.

-Varshini Prakash, Divestment Student Network, Wildfire Program Alum